Be Successful in Your Plans to Build a Simple Chicken Coop

In developing your plans to build a simple chicken coop, your success will be determined by your thoroughness in covering all the aspects of a chicken coop design. Read on for a summary of the key items needed for a successful plan to build your coop.

Balance space versus flock size

A small chicken coop is often the simplest to build. You may also be constrained by limited space to host your coop. However, if space is not limited, and you have the interest in building a large coop, just make sure you have adequate materials at hand, and allow sufficient time for completing the project.

Chicken coop Plans

Chicken coop Plans

Select the best materials

An outdoor structure such as a chicken coop will need to endure a wide range of weather conditions and temperatures. Wood that has been treated to be water resistant is a must. Select lumber that can withstand both high wind loads as well as support a heavy structure without bending or warping. Metal items such as hinges, knobs and handles should be rust resistant.

Meet the needs of the chickens

Chickens thrive when they have room to move around, easy access to their nesting boxes and perches, and remain warm and dry in winter, cool in the summer. Pay attention to the ventilation in the coop, this will help manage temperatures as well as the odor of chicken droppings.

Streamline the care and upkeep

You will be supplying food and water to your chickens, place the coop where you will have easy access to these supplies. See that the design allows for easy access to the nesting boxes for egg collection, as well as cleaning of the droppings.

Follow these key recommendations, and you will be successful in your plans to build a simple chicken coops!

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This Chicken DIY Guide is an essential edition to Raising Chickens

This Chicken DIY Guide is an essential edition to Raising Chickens

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