3 Golden Rules Not to Be Avoided While Building Your Chicken Coop

If you are thinking about how to build a chicken coop for your birds, then I really recommend reading this article first before you get your hands dirty. In this article I will share the 3 golden rules to be considered before constructing a chicken house.

Many people avoid these rules and end up with a coop that gives them little to no advantage at all. In this article I will share these rules that will maximize your chicken coop “performance”.

What do I mean by performance?

As studies shown that chicken living in a chicken house gives more eggs and more eggs means more revenue! And this is what I mean by performance.

Now it is the time for the 3 golden rules in how to build a chicken coop

Chicken coop Plans

Chicken coop Plans

1. Decide the size of coop. This is the first and the most important step! Construct the coop according to the number of chickens you have. It is suggested that 1 chicken occupies at least 4 square feet. But I recommend giving a little bit more for easy breathing, being said that I also want to point out that your chicken population will grow over time. So it is recommended that you build a large coop to avoid re-building the house again and again.

2. Location. Find the perfect spot to build the birds house. Just like you would do if you were buying or building your own house. Location must be one of your priorities. The same applies for the chicken house.

But why location?

Good question, and the answer is, convenience. Find a spot that has a slight inclination, why? Because this inclination will help you to clean and maintain the coop in the long run. The inclination will also assist the birds to navigate to their coop, and the “rubbish” that is cause by the birds will easily fall out with little effort.

3. Breathing areas make sure to build some windows that will give breathing areas to your chickens. Just like humans, chickens also require oxygen and if they do not receive this gas easily they can easily turn into cannibal killers and this is the last thing you want to your chickens to be.

So there you go 3 golden rules to follow before constructing a chicken coop. Follow these rules and avoid disappointments. If you require step by step video tutorials or a chicken coop DIY blueprint I strongly recommend visiting how to build a chicken coop website.

This Chicken DIY Guide is an essential edition to Raising Chickens

This Chicken DIY Guide is an essential edition to Raising Chickens

how to build a chicken coop website.

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