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Easy DIY Chicken Coop Plans

  • Successfully Build With DIY Chicken Coop Plans!
  • Save By $Thousands on Retail Chicken Coops!
  • Produce Your Own Eggs – No eggs Taste Better !
  • It’s Fun Wait Until Your Friends and Family See !
"Thanks Bill For this Complete Chicken Coop Plans Guide!"
I got DIY Chicken Coop Plans, Videos and The City Ordinances for Poultry & Heaps of Bonus Raising Chickens Reports. I now have a Chicken Coop & Chickens .
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Growing An Raising Chickens The Easy Way

Chicken Coop Designs

DIY Chicken Coop Plans

It's simple to get started with DIY Chicken Coop Plans

Easy step-by-step diy Chicken Coop designs for four categories of Chicken Coops (Small – Midsize – Large – Portable)..

5 Great Reasons Why

1. It Works! Thousands of people have successfully built their own Chicken Coop

2. Saves Money – you save money when you don’t have to spend $thousands$ on a "retail chicken coop"

3. GO GREEN – Do your part to stop the mishandling of chickens in commercial battery cages!

4. Produce your own Eggs – No eggs taste better (or are healthier) then fresh eggs from your backyard.

5. It’s Fun – just wait until your friends and family see what you have created!
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Cleaning A Well Built chicken Coop in less the 3 Minutes

Cleaning A Well Built chicken Coop in less the 3 Minutes Being able to clean your chicken coop efficiently comes down to design see how this chicke...

How to Raise Mixed Breed Chickens

How to Raise Mixed Breed Chickens This is an Introductory Video on how to rear and raise Chickens in your backyard I will hopefully cover all aspec...

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    Raising Chicken Diary For ~ August    

    Posted   on   Monday, August 23rd 2010    9 Comments

    Chicken Diary – August Its Now Time for the August Chicken Diary,  As I live an New Zealand  the  Seasons will be in reverse order in some cases. We are now coming into our Spring time, so just try to use common sense when applying some of these Tips. “OK Lets Get On with It.” […]

    The Perfect Chicken Feed.    

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    Here is a break down of the common grains in terms of nutrition for poultry Maize is the highest in energy of all the grains, has 3% fat, but is lower in protein at 8%. Good for yolk color, and is excellent if crushed first. Wheat is about 13% protein, lower in energy then maize […]

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    Its Q & A Time Some Great questions lately from my Group Q We Have a few free Range hens. One Is Laying soft-shelled eggs; the egg yolk and egg white are in the nesting box, separate from the shell. How can we cure this problem! A Soft shelled eggs can be a result of […]

    Raising Chicken Diary For June    

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    Chicken Diary – June If your Birds are still molting, keep up ad lib quantities of good quality chicken layer feed. This is the time of year when a hen is replenishing her self in preparation of another season  of laying and she need s good nutrition more then ever If It’s really cold in […]

    Raising Chicken Breeds For all Needs    

    Posted   on   Sunday, June 13th 2010    1 Comment

    Once you have decided to o raise a small flock, you have the exciting decision as to which breed to raise. Your Tastes will change as you raise them. Choosing from such beautiful birds may confound you with the range of choices, or you may find your self lured  by a particular breed as soon […]

    Raising Poultry In Modern Life    

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    Industrialization Of Poultry-raising The Industrialization  of Poultry-raising marginalized backyard chicken flocks, at the same time suburban life made backyard chickens flocks less viable. By the End of the twentieth century, chickens in the yard where the exception rather then the rule. Today In the United States, Commercial poultry operations are selling more then 35 Billion […]

    Want to Raise Chickens, What Chicken Breed !    

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    Choosing the right breed for your situation Your success or failure as a chicken-raiser depends a lot on your choice of breeds. But even before you head to the nearest farm to make the purchase, you should first determine    the purpose of your operation. Are you into chicken-raising as a hobby? Are you into it […]